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[0]  Introducing BioPic Productions. [367kB]

[1]  Trenches near Ypres - extract from "Legacy of War 1918-1939" (for Education UK / Anglia TV). [311kB]

[2]  Analysis of mycotoxins - a training film produced in English, French, German and Spanish language versions. [389kB]

[3]  Farmer and journalist David Richardson talking about novel uses of traditional crops. [395kB]

[4]  Musical interlude from The Ebony Steel Band. [285kB]

[5]  The assembly line at Lotus Cars. [224kB]

[6]  Part of a digital integrated circuit (teletext decoder) viewed under an optical microscope. (no audio) [37kB]

[7]  Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, played by Grahame Jones (extract from audio CD). [378kB]

[8]  A common house fly, viewed under an electron microscope. (no audio) [49kB]

[9]  Filming underwater for Education UK / Anglia TV. [157kB]

[A]  The Cell City experience introduced by Keith Roberts, and hyperlink to the Cell City interactive web site. [345kB]

[B]  Formula 2000 racing at Snetterton Circuit. [161kB]

[C]  Welding catalytic converters for the Land Rover Discovery, at Bosal (U.K.) Limited. [114kB]

[D]  3-D graphic explaining how biological cells can be labelled with fluorescent markers. (no audio) [20kB]

[E]  Inside the Control Room of Sizewell A Nuclear Power Station. [205kB]

[F]  Test card. [9kB]

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