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... "many saying it was the best part of the [Australian Science] Festival!" ... "you have done an excellent job" ... "the whole experience had a huge impact" ... "a fascinating project which made great radio" ... "a compelling performance" ... "possibly the biggest crowd pleaser" ... "I am very pleased with the videos" ... "I thought it was presented in a novel way" ... "the information was detailed but not too detailed" ... "the displays and analogies used were excellent" ... "the multi-media approach provides an excellent vehicle to communicate this exciting work to the general public" ...
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Anglia Multimedia
Anglia Television
APEX Mathematics & Science Festival
The Arts Council
Australian Science Festival
BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio 5
Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council
The British Association
The British Council
Channel 4 Television
CSIRO / Double Helix
Cooperative Research Centre for Food Industry Innovation, Sydney
DTI / Technology Foresight
Edinburgh International Science Festival
European Commission Joint Research Centre, Italy
European Community / Framework IV Programme
The Inspirational Science Theatre Company
Institute of Food Research
Investigator Science & Technology Centre, Adelaide
John Innes Centre
MAFF / Central Science Laboratory
Lund University, Sweden
Milton Park Ltd.
Norwich Research Park
The Oxford Trust
Partnership Plus Ltd.
Philips UK Ltd.
The Royal Society
Schering-Plough (UK) Ltd.
The Science Museum
The Scottish Office
The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Ltd.
TechFest, Aberdeen
Wrexham International Science Festival

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